Microblading: Semi permanent hair stroke tattoo method for eyebrows, lasts 1-3 years. Colour match for natural results.

Semi permanent eyeliner tattooing:
Lash enhancement (thin line tattooed along the lash line) Classic liner (Thin. Medium or Thick eyeliner, finishing in a slight point) Flick liner (Thin. Medium or Thick cat eye type liner. Length is dependent) Duo colour liner (Classic or Flick liner with a second colour liner above) Duo colour fade (Classic or flick liner with blended fade in a second colour 2-3 mm in added thickness)

Semi permanent lip tattooing:
Classic lip liner (Natural colours only, 1 colour) Blended lip liner (up liner with blended fade towards centre, 1 colour, natural colours only) Duo colour fade (3D lip tattoo. up liner blended with second colour blend, natural colours only, 2 colours) Full lip blush (Full up colour in 1 colour only, natural colours only)

Please Note: a $50 non refundable deposit is required to secure any appointment which can be applied to the total cost of your procedure.

Microblading for eyebrows | $500.00

Semi permanent eyeliner | $250.00 each

Semi permanent lip tattooing | $500.00

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