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What Our Patients Say...

Shawn Zawicki

Returning Client

I have been client of Wiesia's for long time and I find the salon extremely professional with unusual relaxing atmosphere. This is priceless. The place is truly magical. Happy client.

Janice Bromski

Returning Customer

Quite by accident I found this salon and I will never look around again. I'm truly satisfied with body treatments and medical esthetics I have been receiving. I look younger... Thank You Wiesia.

Kasia K.

Happy Customer

This Spa is the most fantastic beauty facility I have ever been to. They have everything TOP notch. I truly recommend it to anybody. Thanks Wiesia. She does small miracles daily...

Stacey M.

Happy Girl

For a while now I have been a client to Wiesia's Salon & Spa and every time it surprises me with quality of services, treatments and procedures they offer. Staff is truly knowledgeable and helpful...